Touring Crane Point


Crane Point Museum and Nature Center is one of my favorite places to hike in the Keys. It’s only a mile from the marina and it’s the only place around that offers shaded trails that are far away from the danger and noise of traffic. There are several trails to choose from, none of them very long but if strung together they add up to a couple miles. I often come here and do the entire circuit several times.

Crane Point is named after Mary and Francis Crane who purchased the property in the 1949 from George Adderly. Adderly came to the Keys from the Bahamas and was the first person to settle in what would become Marathon. He built a small house and survived off the land and by collecting sponges from the sea that he would sell in Key West.

The Cranes built a modern two story house overlooking Florida Bay. It has come into disrepair and is no longer open to the public.

The Cranes were dog-people!
Courtyard of the Crane house
View of the Crane house from the pond.

Crane Point’s Wild Bird Center cares for and rehabilitates wild birds that have been injured. Some of the more severely wounded birds are now permanent residents. Others will be released into the wild when they are healthy and able to fend for themselves.

Cormorants and pelicans
If I talk about boobies on my blog will it increase readership?
White ibis
Great White Heron

The replica of a Cracker house has interesting displays, fossils and an active bee hive.

Model boat at the Cracker house
Turtle skulls at the Cracker house
Shell display at the Cracker house
Bee hive

Vegetation in the hammock is amazing.

Saw Palmetto
Prickly Pears
Flowers at the Garden Club

And a Christmas tree made of crab traps!

Merry Christmas – Keys style!

Miles hiked today: 14
AT miles completed: 0
AT miles to go: 2189.8


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