Increasing the miles

Just three months away from the start of my AT Thru Hike. I am hoping to show up on the trail with decent conditioning because the first half of my hike (Virginia to Maine) I would like to average over 17 miles per day. In order to do that I want to ‘hit the ground running’ as it were. Doing it one day is not too hard. Doing it day after day is the killer. On three separate occasions in my life I’ve hiked over 17 miles in one day. The day after each of those times I was in no condition to do it again. Still, I feel it is within my reach if I work up to it.

Sunday I hiked 16 miles with a full pack (15 lbs). I started off walking down to Sombrero Beach and took a short break with my behind in the sand.

I then sauntered over the McDonalds for lunch and spent the rest of the day at Crane Point. We’ve had some high winds the past couple days. One of the new benches made by the Boy Scouts didn’t fare well.

Had a great day and I feel pretty good! I definitely feel the effort but I could probably do it again if I had to. A good sign that my training is going well and it is time to increase the mileage.


Miles hiked today: 16
AT miles completed: 0
AT miles to go: 2189.8


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