The one where I took a selfie with a shark

The Little Rabbit and I left the boat around 0800. She was off to play pickleball and I was off to put in some miles on foot. We skipped breakfast as we headed out the hatch so that was my first priority. Initially I was just going to go to McDonalds but then thought about the new Marathon Bagel Cafe. Passed quite a few breakfast options on the way but the western style bagel sandwich on an everything bagel was quite tasty and much better than McDonald’s would have been.

After breakfast I realized I was already half way to Key Colony where we play pickleball so I ambled over that way. The Little Rabbit was already there and had my racket with her so I played a few games until it was time for lunch. We stopped at Leigh Ann’s cafe in Key Colony for a tasty Reuben and a Cuban.

Then I was back at it – one foot in front of the other. Numerous iguanas along the road. Most too skittish to get a good picture but this guy tried to be brave.

Crossing the bridge over Vaca Cut I ran into this guy drumming up business for the Marine Aquarium. His sign says ‘Feed Sharks’.

Interesting new home going up behind the airport.

A couple loops around Crane Point and I was ready for ice cream and a shower. Back on the boat by 1800.

A small blister on the ball of my left foot bothered me a little. Hopefully that area will toughen up and won’t be a problem.


Miles hiked today: 17
AT miles completed: 0
AT miles to go: 2189.8


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