The Approach Trail

Great hike today on the Approach Trail to Springer Mountain in Northern Georgia. Springer Mountain is the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Today’s hike climbed a couple thousand feet from Amicalola Falls State Park to the summit.

It was a chilly day with a high around 45 degrees. The Little Rabbit hiked up to the lodge (1.3 miles) with me. We enjoyed a great cup of hot chocolate at the lodge then parted ways and I headed up the mountain while she looped back to the car to drive up and meet me at the top so I didn’t have to hike all the way back down. 

Yesterday we hiked at Kennesaw  Mountain National Battlefield. This location played an important role in the defense of Atlanta against Sherman’s Union troops. Sherman eventually outflanked the Confederate army but at great cost. The guns were silent today and we had a nice climb up mount Kennesaw for a 6 mile loop.

Miles hiked today: 9.9

AT miles completed: 0

AT miles to go: 2189.8


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