Starting Tomorrow!

After two years of planning and training it is finally time to put feet to the trail! The Little Rabbit and I made it to Shenandoah National Park today and set up a base camp at Lewis Mountain Campground. We will use this camp for a few days while we do day hikes on the AT. My hiking partner, Tortuga, and The Bow Princess arrived shortly after we did.

We sat down to a delicious dinner provided by The Bow Princess and discussed the plan for tomorrow: the guys will be dropped off at AT mile 901 for their official start and hike north to our base camp at AT mile 915. The ladies will park our car at AT mile 910 and hike to base camp then take Tortuga’s truck back to pick up the car. Tortuga and I will continue each day picking up the trail where we left off the day before. Complicated? You bet! But it is great to have the ladies supporting us (and keeping us warm at night) for the first week or two.

After dinner I took a quick walk around the campground and a short section of the AT. Upon returning I told Tortuga that I was a 1/4 mile ahead of him already. He claimed that since I walked the trail southbound that it should count against me?!?!

Onward and Northward,


Miles hiked today: 1/4

AT miles completed: 0

AT miles to go: 2190


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