Off to the Races!

We kicked off our thru-hike at AT mile 901 at 9:01 this morning! The Little Rabbit dumped us on the side of the road, took a few pictures and said good bye. And just like that we started climbing.

We covered over 14 hilly miles and ended at our base camp at around 3:30. The hills were tough but we had a good first day.

I had a little hotspot on one toe that I bandaged up before it blistered. Feet and calves hurt but that seems to be what I can expect for the next 6 months.

We met quite a few hikers along the way. Some out for day hikes, some for section hikes. One guy who started five days ago is also going to ME with us. One lady asked how long ago we started. My response was ‘Well, what time is it? We just started this morning!’ Met a young guy out for a four day section hike who’s name was ‘Tenacious D’ who had a sweet dog named ‘Mountain Goat’.

Saw this beautiful bobcat toward the end of the day. We watched him from about 20′ away for quite a while and he barely acknowledged our presence. It didn’t faze him at all that we were there.

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 14.4

AT miles completed: 14

AT miles to go: 2176


2 thoughts on “Off to the Races!

  1. Wow. A bobcat on your first day out! That’s pretty amazing consider they are shy most of the time. Sounds like your having fun already. Good luck.


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