Sheltered Life

It was a beautiful day and I had a little time to kill so I took a short side trip to the Jim and Molly Denton Shelter. Shelters on the AT are typically pretty crude, usually consisting of three walls and a roof with a dirt floor and raised sleeping platform. Some of them were built by the CCC in the 30s and many have seen better days. But then there is the Denton Shelter. Much newer and still in excellent condition, the Potomic Appalachian Trail Club takes great care of the place. It is still a three sided building but it is raised off the ground and has a large front deck with an Adirondack style bench out front. A separate pavilion has a nice picnic table and cooking area and fire pit. A composting privy sits off to one side and a solar shower on the other. It has a large yard with flowers and a horse shoe pit. The whole thing looks more like a summer camp than the typical AT shelter.

In planning my hike I decided early on that I would not stay at the shelters, preferring instead to sleep in my hammock away from other people. But I might make an exception if the shelter is this nice.

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 14

AT miles completed: 77

AT miles to go: 2113


One thought on “Sheltered Life

  1. I say stay in a nice shelter. I am sure you will have plenty of times to fling a hammock between a couple trees. Go for it al.


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