Week one – done and dusted

Week one of our hike was a big success. We made it to Harper’s Ferry, WV which means we crossed our first state line. We left Shenandoah National Park, passed the 100 mile mark and survived the infamous Roller Coaster (a really tough 13 mile section of the trail).

The AT stretches 2190 miles from Georgia to Maine and most hikers do it in that order – starting in GA and finishing in ME. We chose an alternative called a flip flop hike where we start somewhere in the middle and hike to one end then get a ride back to the middle and hike to the other end. This allows us to avoid most of the overcrowding issues common in GA in the spring as well as avoiding the colder temperatures of GA in late winter or ME in late fall. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy hosts a flip flop festival every year to promote and celebrate this alternative hike. That festival is this weekend in Harper’s Ferry so we have a couple days off planned and will be back on the trail on Monday.

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 12

AT miles completed: 122

AT miles to go: 2078


3 thoughts on “Week one – done and dusted

  1. Hey Scott! Glad to hear the trail started off so well. Rick and Carol emailed me a few weeks ago and told me about your thru hike, and I’m looking forward to following your progress on the blog. I did the section from Shenandoah to Harper’s Ferry a few years ago and I remember the roller coaster well. I’ve hiked the full Maryland section and most of the PA portions as well, so I’ll be interested to follow your trip through some familiar ground. Good luck and happy hiking!


  2. Congratulations on your first week! I thought you were to be able to “ride” a roller coaster!!!! Have a great weekend.🎢


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