First overnight on the trail

The flip flop festival was okay. A couple good seminars on safety and another on trail etiquet were interesting and informative. But they didn’t take long so I was able to fit in a couple 10 mile hikes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This got us well past Harper’s Ferry and the flip flop bubble of hikers leaving the festival.

Monday promised rain but turned out fairly dry and we hiked 15 miles. Tuesday the rain finally delivered and we hiked 17 cold and sloppy miles.

The Little Rabbit and Bow Princess are still managing our base camp for us. The cold, wet, sloppy days are easier knowing we have a warm meal, hot shower, and comfy bed waiting for us. But they have other plans for much of the summer. We dread bidding them adieu but it is almost that time.

So tonight the intrepid Tortuga and I are doing our last shake-down. We are camping overnight on the trail. One last chance to make sure that the items we’ve chosen for our packs will be all we need for the next couple months. So we hiked. We made camp. We made dinner. And now here is my view tonight, lying in the hammock

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 16

AT miles completed: 187

AT miles to go: 2002


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