Trail Magicians

We had the extreme good fortune to meet up with friends in Palmyra, PA last night. We’ve know them for some time through our boat owners group but this is the first time we’ve been to their house, about an hour away from the trail. The first thing we did upon arrival was unload our packs in the backyard so we could dry everything out. We hung most of our stuff on their clothesline, the rest we put in the washing machine. Then we had showers ourselves. All cleaned up we were ready for dinner. And what a spread! Chicken, ham, asparagus, lima beans, potatoes, bread, etc. A feast! Then they topped it with desserts of brownies, ice cream, cookies, etc. We were truly stuffed.

Cruising on the boat we’ve come to learn that ‘cruiser’s midnight’ comes around 9 pm. Few cruisers are up much later than that. For hikers it’s even earlier. As the sun sets, exhausted hikers are hitting the hay. Same was true last night but we were up early and enjoyed a wonderful frittata for breakfast with fruit and English muffins on the side. Then they made us sandwiches to take with us for lunch and split the last of last night’s brownies between Tortuga and I.

Cleaned, rested, stuffed, and spoiled, we were back on the trail by 10:00, ready to pound out more miles.

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 14

AT miles completed: 246

AT miles to go: 1944


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