400 miles and a new state

Sitting in a bar in…. umm… errr… well, someplace in New Jersey.

A quick note to brag – crossed the state line and put Pennsylvania (ROCKsylvania!) Behind me. Beautiful state, wonderful people, too many rocks.

Also hit 400 miles at the top of Racoon Ridge.

Four weeks into this hike. Things are going well, staying healthy and learning to eat a lot.

Onward and northward,


Miles hiked today: 21

AT miles completed: 415

AT miles to go: 1775


10 thoughts on “400 miles and a new state

  1. 21, a big day. For me, it doesn’t matter which bar you are in, as long as the beer is good! 400, another milestone. Keep it going. Only another 995 or so to Katahdin according to your photo at the NJ state line. We are thinking to drive to Maine to meet you there!


  2. Woohoo!! Making some definite progress. I can’t believe how far you’ve gone since I was there. Just keep swimmin’


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