Detour ahead

I crossed into Connecticut today!

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) announced a couple days ago that an eight mile section of the trail in Connecticut was closed due to a wildfire in the area. This is a common occurrence – with a trail this long there are bound to be problems somewhere along the trail every year. With the fires in Tennessee last summer a large section of the trail was closed for several weeks.

When the trail is closed the ATC usually recommends an alternative route on other trails or roads. The alternate route then becomes the ‘official route’ of the AT until the regular trail is again available. Hikers can choose to take the alternate route or wait for the regular trail to reopen.

So today was my lucky day. The alternate path to get around the wildfire is only four miles long compared to the eight miles of trail. And it was easy walking on a dirt road following the Housatonic River.

Along the way I passed the Schaghticoke Indian Reservation and their burial grounds. One very interesting and beautiful headstone stood out.

Had lunch in Kent, CT and ended up at the Stewart Hollow Shelter.

Onward and northward,


Day number: 37

Miles hiked today: 16

AT miles completed: 573

AT miles to go: 1616

Average miles per day: 15.5


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