Early starts

I’m usually up pretty early, often leaving camp before some hikers have even started to stir. Hikers have a name for people like me – the first ones on the trail: "Web Walker". We clear the path of the spider webs that have mysteriously formed overnight and shake the dew off the grass. It’s a service. I should be getting paid.

Got to ford my first river today. No stepping stones to get across. It wasn’t deep, just mid calf but enough to get my feet wet. Another hiker who came after me slipped on the rocks and fell in. A group of hikers I met going south were debating whether they wanted to Ford the river or take the alternate road route. They had kids with them so they opted for the roads.

Spending the night at Belters Campsite. Interesting thing here is the privy. Not so much an ‘Out House’, more just an ‘Out’.

Onward and northward,


Day number: 38

Miles hiked today: 15

AT miles completed: 589

AT miles to go: 1600

Average miles per day: 15.5


One thought on “Early starts

  1. Rabbit, nice view in one of the photos. But I am not missing the climbing over rocks, and walking thru water. Next “milestone” is 600! Wow!


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