New kicks!

I think I mentioned before that I bought a new pair of shoes when I was in Hamburg, PA a couple weeks ago. My old shoes, Altra’s Lone Peaks, have been awesomely comfy. I’ve had no blisters from then in all my training and my first six weeks on the AT. But they are designed to be a light weight trail-running shoe and the support and protection of my feet is lacking. And they were beyond worn out.

So I wanted something stiffer and sturdier – a real hiking boot. The Cabelas in Hamburg is their flagship store. If I am going to find my shoe, they will have it. Evidently I have pretty strange feet, requiring a very wide toe box. I’ll let Steve tell the rest of the story…The Cruel Shoes

So I tried my new shoes for a day. They were everything my old shoes weren’t: sturdy, supportive, protective… and blistering.

I put my old shoes back on and dropped the new shoes in the nearest hiker box.

I tried for a week to find somewhere near the trail that sells Altras and finally ordered a pair from, shipped General Delivery to the Salisbury, CT post office.

Today I went in to Salisbury and picked them up. I had lunch while I was there and picked up some groceries. Put my new shoes on and headed back to the trail. Nine more miles after lunch and no blisters.

I love you, Altra. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Up earlier than usual this morning hoping to pack up before the rain started. I was on the trail by 6:25. Didn’t start raining until almost 3:00 So I guess that worked.

Final descent of the day from Bear Mountain was brutal. Very steep and rocky. And slippery with the rain. I may have spoken French a few times.

Camped at Laurel Ridge Campsite for the night. Tomorrow I’ve got a hotel room in Great Barrington – time for a shower!

Onward and northward,


Day number: 39

Miles hiked today: 18

AT miles completed: 607

AT miles to go: 1582

Average miles per day: 15.6


2 thoughts on “New kicks!

  1. Rabbit, sorry the new shoes from Cabelas didnt work. Probably needed a little break in time, or maybe different socks. I’m surprised you just dumped them, rather than ship them home for use later.
    Real happy I was not there for “brutal Bear mountain, steep, rocky, slippery”. Not my idea of a good hike, or fun. However, I did 20 miles yesterday: walked 3 miles to local bike shop, and then rode 16 miles on my new Surly Disc Trucker! No knee pain! Going on Great Allegheny Passage Sojourn with Deb in June.


  2. Wow, that’s a nice bike. Happy to hear the knees are doing better.

    I also had the option of returning them to Cabellas but logistically it was going to be a challenge because I was 100 miles away by the time I finally decided to get rid of them. Hopefully made some future hiker happy. No need to keep them for later if they don’t fit. Maybe socks would help but if they are too tight in the toes then it’s just a work around. A break in period would have helped a lot I’m sure.

    Have fun on the sojourn. Sounds like fun!


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