No rain, no Maine!

It’s been a rainy week and it looks like more rain coming. But I’m still making good progress despite the muddy trail conditions.

Summited Mount Graylock, the highest peak (3491 ft) in Massachussets on Saturday. At the top is a monument dedicated to those that have given their lives in defense of our freedoms. Their unfathomable sacrifice, our immeasurable blessing.

Goodbye to Messychussetts;

Hello Vermud!

Onward and northward,


Day number: 45

Miles hiked today: 21

AT miles completed: 710

AT miles to go: 1479

Average miles per day: 15.7


6 thoughts on “No rain, no Maine!

  1. Hey Scott – a rainy Memorial Day hello to you. Hey, i’ve backpacked through MA from Mt. Greylock. Did i see you are now in VT? Welcome! Sad that it is muddy due to the rain. Looks like this week will be on and off. You might welcome a dry warm bed by the time you get on up my way. I have to go to Hanover this coming Thursday. Let’s try to keep close contact. There will be at least a couple of opportunities for us to rendezvous! I will tell Yahtos that you are getting closer. Where is Jeannie?


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