Progress report

Making good progress this week. Vermont started out extremely wet and muddy but the last couple days were much drier. More rain is in the forecast though so it might get sloppy again.

Yesterday I met up with dear friends Van and Lauren who live just north of Rutland, VT. They invited me to their beautiful home, made me shower, did my laundry, fed me an awesome dinner, sent me to bed, and fed me again for breakfast. Talk about a spoiled rabbit! Thank you!

Quickly approaching the 800 mile mark and I have 500 miles left to get to Katahdan.

Tonight I am at the Churchill Scott Shelter near Killington, VT. I usually set up my hammock away from the shelters but I am the only one here tonight so I set up inside the shelter. The shelter’s log book has a couple entries about porcupines coming at night. Should be interesting.

Onward and northward,


Day number: 51

Miles hiked today: 16

AT miles completed: 798

AT miles to go: 1391

Average miles per day: 15.9


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