imageHiking the Appalchian Trail has been on my bucket list for years. To spend time in the woods, enjoying the sights, smells, and beauty of our natural world like few others ever will.

My wife and I live aboard our sailboat full time in Florida and the Bahamas. It is an ideal life that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but I am going to abandon that life and her for five or six months and take to the trail. She is of course invited and will be joining me for day hikes the first week.  But the prospect of living long term in the woods, where showers are rare and you have to carry everything you own all day, every day does not appeal to her. She was always the smart one.

My friend, Terry ‘The Tortuga’, will be hiking with me. He has a similar passion for adventure and our bucket lists converged on this dream. As I was making plans to do this he decided the timing was also right for him.

To test the waters I did a week long hike in June of 2016 on the AT in southern Virginia. This was my first overnight backpacking adventure since I was a kid and it left me wanting more. Of course there were issues that week, not the least of which was my boots were too small. This of course led to foot problems which led to knee problems. But still, I want more!  I have new shoes now… So let’s go!

Yeah. but… why ‘Rabbit’?