Why ‘Rabbit’?


Joining the hiker community (aka: becoming hiker-trash) requires taking on a new moniker for the trail. Hikers can make up their own name or let their fellow hikers come up with a fitting one as they become familiar. Obviously if you let others choose your name you run the risk of being know as ‘butt head’ or ‘old fart’. I opted to pick my own, choosing a nickname that my wife and I have used between us for decades. We’ve called each other Rabbit (specifically, Big Rabbit and Little Rabbit when we needed to differentiate between us) more often than we’ve used each other’s real names. And it started, as all things should, because of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

If either of us were trying to get away with something even a little bit outlandish, we would ask the other- would I (fill in the blank)? And the other would of course respond – “You might, Rabbit, you might.”

So, would I give up living on a yacht in Florida to go live in the woods for six months? Walking up to thirty miles a day to hike 2,189 miles through fourteen states from Georgia to Maine? Climbing mountain after mountain along the spine of the Appalachian mountain range, the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest 17 times?

“You might, Rabbit. You might.”